Kampong Cham, Cambodia

'Kaoh Samraong' is an island that drifts in the middle of the Mekong. The island is only accessible by boat and houses a hidden forest. The ground there is sandy, and the trees are incredibly tall. An echo of buzzing sound leads wanderers through a maze of tree trunks. The origin of this remarkably soothing sound is a collection of several dozen beehives in the heart of the small forest.

Every two weeks, a small group of unusual beekeepers meet here. The crew consists of some older men, young men, and a few adolescent children who work under the canopy for two days. Their names are Mr. Dypong, Mr. Sophal, Mr. Chhay. Even though they wear a bare minimum of protection, they manage to avoid being stung.

At the end of each day, their hands and arms are sticky and covered with sand, and the sweet lingering smells have perfumed their body odor. That's when they go for a bath in the water of the mighty river. How could they else, with such a lovely 'private' beach along the Mekong?

The yield of their hard labor is a golden liquid that tastes unlike any other 'honey' you would find on the shelves of a grocery store. 

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