During the summer of 2017, the southern region of Nepal (Saptari) received an unusual amount of monsoon rainfall. This caused a big amount of floodings in the flat lands of the country. Resulting in destroyed rice fields, broken down villages and roads, a lack of food and drinking water and housing. This is a reportage of one of the districts that got hit by the floodings, called Saptari.

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For one day, I followed the life of a young goat herder in Jomsom, a town in the Lower Mustang region of Nepal. I quickly learned that this job is very peaceful and calming, but also dangerous and unforgiving.

Barpak, the epicenter of the 2015 earthquakes that hit Nepal hard. In 2017 most of the town, which is located high in the mountains in the Ghorka region, still is in reconstruction. The town also has been even more isolated than it was before the earthquakes, due to landslides damaging the very narrow roads. Here, women carry rocks and rebuild houses, while the men tend to the cattle and the kids. This town is run by hardworking, strong willed women.